Don't Go up on a Roof for a Major Repair or Replacement Without Having a Dumpster Down Below

If the time has come to finally tackle that major roof repair or renovation you've been putting off, you will, of course, want to take some time to plan and make sure you have everything you need for the job. If you will be pulling away old shingles or other parts of your roof, make sure you also plan for a way to quickly and easily clean everything up. A local dumpster rental company can provide you with what you need to get through your roofing project without creating a huge mess.

Avoid Property Damage

If you will be pulling up old roof shingles or tiles, the next logical course of action might be to pitch it down to the ground in order to get it out of the way. But letting a roof shingle fall from way up on top of your roof is ill-advised. You could end up damaging your driveway or landscaping depending on where the shingle or other part falls. If you get a large dumpster rental and position it correctly, however, you can pitch the old shingles directly in the dumpster below you without worrying about accidentally causing any property damage. Just make sure you get a dumpster large enough to provide an easy target from on top of the roof.

Keep the Roof Clear and Safe

The alternative to dropping shingles onto the yard or driveway might be to just rip them up but keep them on the roof as you move from side to side. But that's honestly not a great idea, because all it will take is one bad step for you to trip over a shingle that you forgot was loose. Having a dumpster nearby will encourage you to remove all debris from your roofing project so you can keep the roof clean, clear, and hazard-free.

Your Local Garbage Man Might Not Take Roofing Tiles

Another reason you should contact a dumpster rental company is that you can have peace of mind from knowing that everything is going to be hauled away for you at the end of the project. Your local garbage service might not be willing to pick up a big mess of roofing shingles or other materials. A dumpster service will show up to pick up the dumpster when you're done and get everything out of your way.

Contact a local dumpster rental company today before starting your roof project.